Translation (written or simultaneous):

We offer translation services in the following languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Arabic. We have vast experience in the translation of documents in various fields. We are a registered Ivorian translation firm. We are also recognized by the United States Embassy in Abidjan as one of the sworn translators in town. Some of the domains in which we have shown competencies are:

  • Administrative documents (civil status files, birth certificates, marriage certificates,    police records, affidavit of support, attestation of bank balances, etc.);
  • School documents (diplomas, grade sheets, transcripts, etc);
  • Legal documents (contracts, deeds, draft agreement, etc);
  • Economic and Financial documents;
  • Other specialized documents (Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Petroleum, Religion, Insurance, etc);
  • Conference translations in the abovementioned domains, etc.