Our goal is to adapt our programs to the needs of our closely ...


Our goal is to adapt our programs to the needs of our students and closely monitor them reach the objectives for which they have hired our services in their quest: for knowledge.

Being aware that education is the key to every human endeavor, we have decided to offer the opportunity to everyone to have access to quality educational language training programs at lower oosts without traveling abroad in order to be more competitive in a given field. Our highly qualified multicultural staff is at your disposal with the latest teaching equipment and aids to provide you with quality education. Our partnership with other institutions around the world permits us to make our students obtain international English Training Certificates (TOEIC - Listening & Reading and Writing & Speaking, and TF1) useful for job promotion as well for educabonal purposes and equally puts us in the position to send students and workers abroad as well as bring them into Cote d'Ivoire for language study vacations.

Therefore, our mission is to make our studenls valuable and indispensable human resources worldwide, capable of competing with equal chance with other intellectuals of all walls of life.

Created in December 2003, SE! emanates from the will of elite young Africans to combine their technical know—how in contributing to the development of their continent.

Being in the sector of language teaching, SE1 was first of all able to specialize in the teaching of English as a foreign language and English in specific fields as well as in preparing candidates for entrance examinations (TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT) for enrolment in American universities. And then, the Firm broadened its scope of activities by incorporating translation services, interpretation (simultaneous translation during conferences) and tourist guide.

We can now boast of an emergent leadership characterized by the quality of our services, and most especially by the respect of our commitments and clients’ deadlines.

Petarus DOLO, MD

SPEAKEASY International